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You decided not to tell your friend about Splendy, she would probably just think you were crazy. It was now 1:39 a.m. Your friend fell asleep already and you were staring at the television screen waiting until the horror movie you and your friend were watching finished. You couldn't help but think about Splendor, he was very kind but still gave you a tinge of fear since he was a creepypasta after all. The fear is what drew you to him and you decided to visit him in the morning. As the ending credits appeared on the screen you reached for the remote and turned off the T.v. you closed your eyes and fell into a deep slumber.

You woke up to the sound of your friend making breakfast in the kitchen. She was frying bacon and eggs no doubt, you could smell it, and your stomach growled as soon as you did. You got up off the couch and ran your fingers through your messy hair. You grabbed a hair tie off the table next to you and tied up your hair.
"Hey" your friend yawned a greeting to you and you waved back with a groggy smile.
"It's a good thing I have you as a friend. You make me food." You remark with a small chuckle.
"Damn right, I'm the best" She laughed and brought you a plate full of food. She then sat next to you and you both ate in silence.
"Well I'm going to go take a shower before I leave." You get up from the table and put your plate and fork in the sink.
"Okay." Your friend replies. "Thanks for leaving your dishes for me to clean."
"You are welcome" She rolls her eyes and you both chuckle before you climb upstairs to shower.

After you shower and say goodbye to your friend you drive off to a park nearby and park there. You then walk back to the woods where you first saw Splendor and follow the path to the broken down circus.
"Oh good you're back" A familiar voice chimed from behind you. You turn around to see Splendor smiling at you.
"Yep~" You smile up at him cheerfully. The tall being held out his black hand. You shivered a little bit a strike of fear going through you. You shrugged off the feeling before taking his hand.
"Now lets continue the tour" He pulled you across to a couple of small tents with some games set up. He leads you to one where you hit the bottles down with a ball. You remember playing this game at the spring festival earlier this year. You were the best at it out of your friends. You smile and Splendy gives you the ball for your first try. You hit one stack of bottles and knock down all the bottles then the same with the second stack. Splendor Man hands you the last ball and you chuck it at the final stack. Only to knock down all the bottles but one.
"Aw" Your shoulders slump, a little disappointed. Splendor frowned at you feeling a little pity.
"Here." Splendor reached up to grab and old stuffed clown doll from the pile of prizes. "Since you gave it a good try" He smiled down at you and handed you the toy. It was actually quite cute with a red lipped smile and four pointed star shaped eyes. You hugged it against you.
"Thanks Splendor!" He smiled in return
"Anything for you dear" He wrapped his arm around you. "Why don't we go sit and talk for a while?" He guided you over to a bench and you both sat down. "I've never seen anyone play that game as well as you in ages" You chuckled a little internally, yes, you thought, It must've been ages since people had come here "You must tell me," he continued. "How'd ya get so good?"
"Well I took softball and was a pitcher, so I guess that helps."  He nods in response and leans his back against the back of the bench with a soft sigh. You look at him with some worry "What is it?"
"It just gets quite lonely out here.." He looks at you and smiles. "But I'm happy you're here."
You grin back at him "I'm glad I'm here too."
"Ya mean it?" He asked happily.
"Of course~" You reply sweetly. You then check your watch 6:30. "I better get home.." You say hesitantly.
"Aw really?" He frowned "You sure you can't stay for a little longer?" He pleaded with a tinge of hope in his eyes.
"No I can't I have to get home..I work tomorrow..Plus my pets-" Splendor cuts you off with a gentle kiss on the lips.
"Well be on your way then my dear." Your faces are still close and your face flushes a bright pink.
"A-alright" You smile at him and get up. "Bye then" you wave, heading back to the path.
"Bye (your name), Come back soon!" He waved back and you headed to your car, driving back home.

*~Part 3 in description~*
Alright page two..

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Part 2: You are here!
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